Custom Build Inquiries

*We are currently booked, and not taking complete custom bike orders. Please contact us for upcoming availability.  

Please review the following info before contacting us.

What We Do: CMC offers a variety of custom build options. Cafe racers, scramblers, trackers, bobbers etc., we like them all. Whether it's a detailed ground-up build, or a less intense customization, we can help you get your project rolling.


Quality: Whatever we do, we want it done correctly. Plain and simple. (Don't you?) We will not rush work or cut corners to make a budget or unrealistic deadline.


Donor Bike: CMC builds many different varieties of customs, and works with all different makes, models and years. We are happy to work with your current bike, or we can find one for you. However, keep in mind that certain machines may not lend themselves to the style of bike that you're after. CMC can help you choose the right starting point for your project.


Budget: There are many different factors that determine the price of your build. Are we making hand formed tank, seat and fenders, or re-purposing stock parts? Is your engine fine as-is, or are we rebuilding it? Generally, a full custom build with hand-rolled body work, custom paint, custom wrapped seat, handmade stainless exhaust and a refreshed engine starts at $10,000. Contact us, and we'll help determine what is realistic for your budget.


The Process: To start your custom build process we take a $1000.00 deposit to secure your place in line. If we are finding a donor bike for you we may ask for a larger deposit which will be used to purchase that perfect donor for your build when one comes available. Next, we'll work out the design and details of your build, and once finalized we will begin searching for your donor bike. Once we're ready to start work on your build we'll ask you for your second payment, 25% of your budget. We may ask for a larger payment if the initial parts order for your bike is on the expensive side. (We'll give you plenty of notice if this is a possibility.) When all the fabrication is complete, and we're prepping your machine for paint, we'll contact you for your next payment of 25%. The remaining balance will be due when your bike is ready to rip.


Shipping: Customers are responsible for all shipping charges and arrangements. We shipped bikes across the globe and can work with the shipping company of your choice. CMC can also pick up or deliver bikes for an additional charge.


Warranties: We like to build long-lasting machines, and relationships with our customers. If there is an issue with our work, we will make sure that it is resolved. But, please keep in mind that most of the bikes that we work with are “aged”. We will always try to resolve any issues that you may have within reason. However, if you decide to not have us rebuild your 20+ year old engine and it breaks down, our hands are tied. Also, it is important to remember that a classic carburetor-fed machine will need more ongoing pampering than a modern fuel injected ride. If this is going to be your first classic bike, it might be worth researching what it takes to own a vintage machine.


Contact us to get your project rolling!