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A chance to bring home your own version of the Upstate Scrambler CB350

The Deal: Due to a large number of recent build inquiries, we have decided to offer a one-time production run of three cb350's similar to the "Upstate Scrambler" which can be seen in the "Motos" gallery, and was recently featured on BikeEXIF.com. The three builds will take place simultaneously at a reduced price. The estimated completion date will be in early 2017, just in time for peak riding season. This is the last time that we will be building this style of CB350, no exceptions.  

What you get: We may be building three of these bikes, but each one is unique. We won't just be ordering and bolting on three of every part. At C.M.C. components are meticulously handmade by one person, and naturally each are slightly unique. The end result is a truly unique machine with a DNA of it's own, which cannot be replicated. Highlights of each build will include a modified and powder coated frame, handmade steel and aluminum bodywork, a rebuilt engine breathing through a handmade stainless exhaust, new modern electronics with a custom kick-only wiring harness, fresh suspension and re-laced wheels, a hand stitched leather seat, and much more. Each bike will be uniquely painted in coordination with the future owner, and will be delivered ready to ride. A detailed modification list is available below, and additional upgrades are available upon request.

Price & Deposit: You can secure a bike with a non-refundable $1,000.00 deposit. The final purchase price per build, including a donor bike(we will go out and find the perfect donor bike for you), will be $8,000.00 USD plus any shipping or delivery fees. Payments will be scheduled as outlined in the "Build Inquiry" section of our website.

We expect these builds to book quickly! So please contact us if you are interested, or with any questions or concerns that you may have.


  • Frame & Swingarm: Handmade tubular sub-frame and shock mounts with upsweep to allow for longer suspension travel. Stripped of any unnecessary brackets and tabs, media blasted and powder coated in textured semi-gloss black.
  • Suspension: Re-built front forks with fresh oil and seals. Scrambler-style black rubber gators and handmade stainless upper fork covers with headlamp mounting tabs. New extended rear shocks. Additional suspension options are available at buyer's request.
  • Wheels: 19" front, 18" rear. Refinished cb350 hubs, new spokes and new or refinished wide rims. Shinko dual-sport tires.
  • Engine: Rebuilt top end, complete tune-up, and anything else needed for a reliable ride. Refinished with fresh paint and stainless hardware. Carburetors are bead blasted and rebuilt with new jets and Uni foam pods.
  • Exhaust: Handmade, tig welded, 1.5" 304-stainless exhaust, 12" stainless cone engineering muffler.
  • Electronics: Handmade kick-only wiring harness with quality connectors, modern "Rick's" regulator/rectifier, electronic flasher relay, new horn, new switches, LED taillight and turn signals, 7" H4 headlight, new 2.5" speedometer with LED indicators.
  • Body & Paint: Handmade tank, tail cowl, front fender with fork-bracing mount, electronics tray, seat pan. Fuel tank is made from 18ga steel, and all other parts from aluminum for weight reduction. All parts are rubber mounted for durability. Each bike will be uniquely painted in coordination with the future owner.
  • Seat: Handmade aluminum seat pan, with hand-shaped closed-cell foam. Custom hand-stitched leather upholstery by Pirate Upholstery in Kingston, NY.  A dual-passenger seat option is available at no additional charge.    
  • Controls: New low-rise 7/8" euro-style handle bars, throttle mechanism, levers, cables and grips.
  • Other: If it's broken, worn, or going to let you down - we replace it.